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Automation with AGV and robotic arm in smart distribution warehouse.
Financial Services
Woman Using banking app on the smartphone pay utility  bill,  personal finance  at home, financial Technology  in real life , New normal  lifestyle concept
Smiling and friendly florist holding card reader machine at counter with customer paying with credit card. Young african american florist shop assistant holding payment machine while buyer purchase a bunch flower. Woman using bank credit card to make payment by NFC machine.
Donation Concept. The Volunteer Giving a Donate Box to the Recipient. Standing against the Wall
These super sized rock trucks are on their way to drop a load of Platinum rich rock into the crusher. These trucks can carry more than 200 tons of rock at a time, and are too large for public roads.
Tractor spraying a field of soybean
Nozzle gasoline pump fuel station isolated on white background. Green energy. 3d render.
An African-American teacher, a mature woman in her 40s, sitting in front of her class of elementary school students, 6 and 7 years old, reading a book. She has asked a question and most of the children are raising their hands. They are in first grade or second grade.
The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice.
A grinning woman collecting boxes at the bottom of a sorting chute and pushing them along an extendable conveyor belt towards a truck loading dock for delivery.